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Finding the Key to Success with getAbstract

Are you ready to find success in 2018? getAbstract co-founder and chairman, Patrick Brigger, talked to four business experts and thought leaders about life, work and the secrets to unlocking your full potential.

Paving the Path to Success with John W. Boudreau

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In this interview, you’ll hear Patrick Brigger talk to John W. Boudreau, the research director of USC’s Center for Effective Organizations, professor of Management and Organizations at Marshall School of business and author of over 50 research papers and books including the HR must-reads Lead the Work, Investing in People, and Achieving Strategic Excellence.

Patrick and John talked about the ups and downs of their careers, how they turned rejection into motivation, the power of saying no and the importance of being open to change.

Ueber-Successful branding with J.P. Kuehlwein

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J.P. Kuehlwein is a recognized global brand builder and co-author of Rethinking Prestige Branding. In his book, J.P. identifies the seven principles that so-called Ueber-Brands follow to dominate the redefined prestige landscape.

Listen to this interview to learn about how branding changes customer perception, how people can become brands, and how doing more than the average leads to successful branding.

Get Momentum to Achieve Success with Jason Womack

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In this interview, Patrick Brigger talks to The Womack Company CEO and productivity coach Jason Womack. For over 20 years, Jason has helped leaders around the world increase their workplace productivity and achieve personal happiness. As an author, his works include the must-reads Get Momentum and Your Best Just Got Better.

Patrick and Jason talk about the importance of being grateful, thinking bigger and having a positive focus.

Opening doors to success with Bill Treasurer

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Bill Treasurer is the founder of Giant Leap Consulting, a company that helps people and organizations live and act more courageously. Bill has led workshops for thousands of leaders in nine countries on four continents. His work includes the must-reads A Leadership Kick in the Ass and Leaders Open Doors.

Patrick and Bill talk about confidence and courage in leadership, how to assess risks and the privilege to serve the people you’re leading.


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