As work becomes ever more flexible, the line between people’s professional and private lives is at times so thin that sometimes one area spills over into the other. Work may cut into your family time if you check your inbox at home or take work calls.

And sometimes it goes the other way, your family may claim back a little bit of the time you reserved for work – which is exactly what happened to associate professor of international relations Robert Kelly during a BBC interview that some have named an early candidate for “the funniest video of 2017.”

In the video, Kelly is trying hard to keep his composure and focus on the interview questions, as his daughter toddles in, doing a goofy dance, followed by her baby sibling in a walker. Moments later, the kids’ panicked mom dashes in to drag the children out before crawling back in to shut the door, thus reverting the room into the quiet, office-like backdrop people are used to seeing during TV interviews.




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