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Guest Post by Sheila L. Margolis

You get offered a job where you can do the work you love. It’s a fit with your strengths, interests and abilities. Isn’t this the ideal job?

Job fit is key to having a workplace where you will thrive. But job fit alone may not give you the joy and fulfillment you seek. You must also consider the culture of the company where you will work. Is that culture also a fit?

Candidates who are selected on the basis of culture fit—in addition to job fit— contribute faster, perform better and stay longer with the company. When hiring professionals neglect culture fit, the company and the employee share the burden. Working at a company whose principles and values are inconsistent with yours can be difficult, stressful and unrewarding.

So, in your job search, follow these three steps to decide if the workplace culture will be a fit for you:
• First, clarify your personal Ps—your purpose and principles.
o Think about your Purpose. What type of work feels meaningful to you? There are many ways you can make a contribution to society through your work. Think about issues you are drawn to and passionate about.
o Think about your Principles: What principles and values are central to who you are and genuinely guide how you live? Clarify your most important values that you would require at a workplace.
• Second, understand the core culture of a prospective company—its Purpose, Philosophy and Priorities
o Uncover the organization’s Purpose: Why does the organization exist? Why is the work of this company important?
o Discover the organization’s Philosophy: What is distinctive and enduring to the character of the organization? What principles and values have guided its employees over the years?
o Learn about the organization’s Priorities: What are the areas the organization is focusing on and paying attention to organization-wide and in the area where you would work?
• Third, audit the alignment of your personal Ps with the core culture of the organization you are considering. Then, decide whether or not the workplace is the right place for you.

Do not leave the prospect of culture fit to chance. Be clear about what is important to you and where you will find meaningfulness and harmony at work. Only then can you offer your finest gifts.

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