Let’s try an experiment: Take a minute to count how many women have leading positions in your company. One, two, three…zero? Don’t be surprised if the number is low; women still have a long way to go when it comes to gender equality.

While the gender gap is closing, it’s simply not closing fast enough. Not one single nation in the world has closed the gender gap when it comes to economic participation or political empowerment. The most recent projections say it’ll take another 169 years for the gap to close completely. At the current pace, gender equality is not something we’ll live to see – and neither will our children.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, gender equality benefits you. Both women and men live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives when they are in a more gender equal environment – at work and at home.

All of us have a choice to make: We can sit back and accept the status quo, or we can #BeBoldForChange and help bridge the gap!

 Why Gender Equality is Good for Everyone – Men Included
A lot of people think that gender equality is something that only women should care about, after all, they are the only ones who benefit from it, right? Wrong! Michael Kimmel, a middle-class white man, knows that there are no losers when it comes to increasing gender equality – only winners.
 Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection
Society doesn’t need perfect girls; it needs girls who have the self-belief to take risks. When we teach girls to take risks and abide imperfection just like the boys do, everybody wins. Reshma Saujani gives all of us – women and men alike – some incredibly important food for thought.
 The Rewards of an Engaged Female Workforce
“Helping women become more engaged at work is not just good for women…Research shows that it is good for everyone,” so says The Boston Consulting Group. To engage your female workforce, provide constructive feedback, flexible work models, and equitable pay and promotion.
 Half the Sky
“To deny women is to deprive a country of labor and talent, but – even worse – to undermine the drive to achievement of boys and men.” Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn explain how the oppression of women fuels myriad problems that countries and governments must grapple with around the globe.
 Bridging the Gender Gap
Entrepreneur Jia Jiang is all too familiar with rejection and its accompanying feelings of distress, embarrassment and inadequacy. Realizing that his sensitivity to negative responses was debilitating, Jiang took novel steps to become inured to rejection. With a large dose of self-deprecating humor, he describes his journey to conquering his greatest fear.


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