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The average American spends 52 minutes commuting every workday. That’s nearly 4 and a half hours a week, or 225 hours a year. To put it in perspective, if you work for 45 years and have an average commute, you’ll spend 421 days (day and night) in transit from your home to your workplace. 421 days! That’s a lot of life.

Now, I’m no stranger to commutes. I’ve had very long ones (over 2 hours each way) and very short ones (15 steps from under the covers to my home office). The modes of transport I’ve used are plenty; I’ve gotten to work by car, by bus, by bike, by train, by tram, by foot, by ferry and even (briefly and awkwardly) by skateboard. Read the rest of this entry »



The winner of Oxford Dictionaries’ prestigious Word of the Year award in 2016 was “post-truth.” It’s a phrase you hear used to describe nearly everything today – the media, politics, advertising, big business. But what does it really mean? It defines a situation where the truth is less important than appeals to people’s emotions. In a post-truth world, fiction has more power than fact.

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As an editor for getAbstract, I knew instantly which abstract I wanted to share with readers when our resident blogger asked me for a recommendation list: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson. Now I know the colorful language in this article may put some people off, but if you can look beyond the swearing and (hysterical) references to “bags of burritos” you’ll be rewarded with an elegant and inspiring message: Finding the courage to be forthright in the face of adversity makes life worth living. Manson inspires you to not sweat the little things and, instead, spend your energy on contributing to the world. His vision is one that would benefit many people in the sometimes-overwhelming times we live in.

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