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Is it possible to be completely objective and non-judgmental about others? If you see co-workers with dreadlocks, tattoos or a yarmulke, do you automatically make certain assumptions? What races through your mind when a disabled person navigates a supermarket aisle? How about the elderly lady who slowly and carefully backs out of a parking space … very, very slowly and very, very carefully?

Don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal to have a whole range of feelings about your fellows. You’re not prejudiced, intolerant or ignorant – you’re just human.

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Stay in the Loop



We dare you to go just one day without reading or hearing about some incredible new discovery or development. Change occurs rapidly in just about every industry these days –particularly technology. Business executives and managers can ill afford to lose traction, especially in the tech field. And keeping pace with current trends isn’t enough – you need to open your mind and embrace intellectual growth.

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Since we’re in the business of education, it’s only natural for getAbstract to applaud those committed to expanding literacy and knowledge while encouraging more adults to read.

Since 2011, organizers and volunteers with World Book Night have distributed free books to roughly 2.5 million people, mostly throughout the UK and Ireland. World Book Night 2016 will be celebrated this Saturday, April 23, generally believed to be the date of William Shakespeare’s birth and death.

In honor of World Book Night, getAbstract is going to award one-year Business Gold memberships to three lucky people. That’s a $299 value that entitles you to unlimited access to our business book, business article and talk summaries. All you have to do is tell us what you’re reading these days. Share your recommendations via Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #worldbooknight and tagging @getabstract. You can post your reads until Sunday night.

Who knows, maybe your selection is already in getAbstract’s library – or will be someday.

In With the New



You would be hard-pressed these days to find a getAbstract summary that doesn’t warn against the curse of complacency. The evidence is overwhelming – ask any clear-thinking executive or consultant. Not even the world’s most successful organizations can afford to be satisfied with the status quo. Last year’s profits and products are old news. “Now” is the only thing that matters. Competition has never been as fierce, making innovation an absolute priority.

getAbstract has been an industry leader for years because we constantly look for new and better ways to serve our clients. So we’re excited to announce our latest product – business article summaries – a collection of the most relevant reports, articles and white papers from leading think tanks and bloggers worldwide. You won’t have to wait until important information appears in a book, publication or video. Material from prestigious organizations such as the World Economic Forum and the Brookings Institution will be at your fingertips.

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Labor Pains



Americans have always been proud of their work ethic. Millions of immigrants arrive here with little more than a suitcase and a dream. Through sheer determination and maybe a break or two along the way, they overcome long odds and make something of themselves.

How many of us have been conditioned to believe in a direct correlation between success and the amount of time we spend at the office? Eight-hour workdays? Please. The other guy is putting in 12 or 14. Feeling guilty punching out at 5 with work still piled on your desk? Feeling a bit coerced when your boss asks you to volunteer to work overtime?

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People love holidays such as Easter because it means getting away from the office and pursuing leisurely activities. Families have special meals together and enjoy each other’s company. There’s usually lots to talk about – current events, politics, sports, movies, etc.

If you’re a getAbstract subscriber, then it’s almost a sure bet you’ve recently read or listened to something thought provoking. And if you haven’t yet committed to joining the best online service for compressed knowledge, here’s just a little of what you’re missing from among our newest selections: Read the rest of this entry »


Yes, those footsteps behind you are getting louder and closer. Artificial Intelligence continues to close the gap on human intellect. And while advances in AI are ongoing, some are particularly remarkable and represent significant breakthroughs.

Computers have beaten people in chess, checkers and Jeopardy, but experts were skeptical that a machine could defeat a human being in Go, an ancient Chinese board game that requires intuition to master complex strategic variables. Well, chalk one up for the tech heads.

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Pump It Up



Pulling up to the gas pump these days is not the painful experience of a couple of years ago. Prices in most U.S. states are under $2 per gallon – the lowest since 2009. Yet the average American really doesn’t know why fuel costs have plunged so dramatically. One may venture that the oil supply is more plentiful, or that we have become less dependent on the Arabs. But the financial complexities of oil prices lie far beyond the grasp of the typical consumer.

Same thing with food prices. Why is that can of coffee 20 cents more this week? Did it rain too much in Brazil? Did the farmer have to hire additional workers? Did your local supermarket have to compensate for losses in another area?

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The Trust Element



If you’ve just had your car’s brakes repaired, you’re confident that you’ll stop before the locomotive comes rumbling through the railroad crossing. If you pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, you assume the medicine will treat a specific ailment. If your girlfriend accepts your marriage proposal, you believe that you can proceed with wedding plans.

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One of Mark Zuckerberg’s resolutions for 2016 is to personally build an artificial-intelligence (AI) device that will run his home (control the lights, temperature etc.) and also help him at work. You probably don’t share the same goal, but considering the emergence of AI, it’s a good idea to learn all you can about it. getAbstract allows you to rapidly get up to speed on a variety of important developments in business, politics and technology.

You might want to start with our “Top 10 Downloads from 2015,” which include Rise of the Robots, a fascinating look at how machines and AI will impact our future.

Have a look at the most popular summaries from the past year!

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